MacBook Pro 13″ Mid 2010 A1286 820-2879


Looks fine from the outside.
No sleep light assembly or hard drive cable.

Another day, another eBay purchase — and another inaccurate item description. This one was listed as “2.4GHz i5 Mid 2010 for Parts or Repair Water Damaged”. The only problem here is that the photos clearly show a model number of EMC 2351, which is the Core 2 Duo model, not EMC 2353, which is the i5 model. Oh well, it’s only a Core 2, but given that I only paid $66, I’m not overly fussed. The photos show it to be in pretty good external condition. No hard drive or RAM, but I’ve got quite a lot of PC-8500 RAM lying around, and broken MacBooks hardly ever come with a hard drive.

When it arrived I gave it a quick once-over. No case screws, a couple of missing feet and… bugger! No sleep light assembly, no hard drive cable and no hard drive bracket.


The mouldy logic board.

I plugged in a charger and, nothing. No green light, nothing. I have to admit, I wasn’t surprised. After a brief glance I could see not just liquid damage, but mould. Mould! I’ve never seen a computer with mould inside before.

What’s inside?

The top left of the board isn’t looking too crash hot
That’s just all kinds of nasty.

A mess. A mouldy, dirty, corroded mess. There’s no nice way to put it, this one is a shocker. I can’t be sure I’ll ever put this one right, but it’ll be fun trying.


The mess was so bad, I needed to clean it first so that I could get a better look at the state of the traces and components. Once cleaned, it revealed a number of damaged components, and even a bulge in the board.


Where to begin?

Unfortunately, I don’t have an 820-2879 donor board, so before I can do anything, I need to buy one. Purchase made, now it’s a 3 – 4 week wait for delivery.

Stay tuned…